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Licensing Information

The GREDIA Open Source Tools are provided under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), whereas supporting documentation is provided under the GNU Free Documentation License, unless it is instructed otherwise.

The LGPL license is completely compatible with the GNU GPL license. Master copies of the licenses are available as follows:

  • GNU Lesser General Public License
  • GNU Free Documentation License

    For more information on the GPL and LGPL, please also visit the Free Software Foundation's FAQs.

    GREDIA Exploitable Results

    GREDIA Platform

    The GREDIA platform comes as an integrated solution to facilitate for the design, development and operational deployment of secure Grid business applications in mobile environments.

    Download the GREDIA Platform Brochure

    Download the GREDIA Platform Installation and Usage Manual.

    Two pilot applications have been implemented with the use of the GREDIA Platform. Download the Media Pilot Usage Manual and the Banking Pilot Usage Manual .

    Grid Application Development Platform (APPEA)

    The GREDIA Grid Application Development Platform provides a new notation for application developers to allow for a straightforward definition of Grid applications’ static and dynamic aspects. Through this platform, the application developers will be able to construct Grid application scenarios, combining the available computational services provided by specific actors, and execute them through a graphical end-user interface.

    Download the Grid Application Development Platform (APPEA) Brochure


    Distributed Replica Location Service (DRLS)

    The Distributed Replica Location Service (DRLS) is part of the GREDIA Grid middleware, which provides innovative search of annotated multimedia content, based on P2P overlay networks technology.

    Download the Distributed Replica Location Service (DRLS) Brochure

    Availability: Please, follow the DRLS link.


    The GridTorrent is part of the GREDIA Grid middleware, which enables for multimedia file access and retrieval operations between nodes on the Grid.

    Download the GridTorrent Brochure

    Availability: Please, follow the GridTorrent link.

    Space Filling Curve (SFC)

    The Space Filling Curve (SFC) is part of the GREDIA Grid middleware, which enables for multi-space indexing.

    Download the Space Filling Curve (SFC) Brochure

    Availability: Please, follow the SFC link.

    Framework for Intelligent Virtual Organisations (FiVO) and GREDIA Authorisation Module

    The Framework for Intelligent Virtual Organisations (FiVO) is also part of the GREDIA middleware and provides enhanced management of Virtual Organisations (VOs), by building a semantic abstraction layer over available resources in the Grid and utilising knowledge evolution for supporting interoperable and ontological services.
    The GREDIA authorization module is built upon PERMIS, which is attribute-based. The statements from the security ontology are used in PERMIS in order to perform authorization. This module is interfaced to FiVO, which uses VOMS (Virtual Organization Membership Service), an attribute authority focused on Virtual Organization Management, and it acts as complementary functionality.

    Download the Framework for Intelligent Virtual Organisations (FiVO) and Gredia Authorisation Module Brochure

    Availability: Download the code here
    For further information, please visit the
    FiVO page.
    Please note that the GREDIA Authorisation Module is released under the OpenPERMIS BSD license.

    Grid Runtime Service Discovery Tool (GRSDT)

    The Grid Runtime Service Discovery Tool (GRSD) enables for the identification of services in both push and pull modes, that can replace services participating in Grid business applications that become unavailable, fail functional or quality service requirements, or should not be used due to changes in the context of services or applications.

    Download the Grid Runtime Service Discovery Tool (GRSDT) Brochure

    Availability: Download the latest version of the GRSD Tool.
    An optional client to allow testing the component is available here.
    Test the GRSDT in push mode using the Event Publisher.
    Use the Sample Registry and the Context Server for further testing the GRSDT.

    Follow the Quick User Guide for instructions on how to install and use GRSDT.

    Mobile Proxy

    The Mobile Proxy enables mobile devices for participating in Grid VOs, acting as service consumers or providers, in a seamless way, through the implementation of the appropriate set of mobile grid services.

    Availability: Download the Mobile Proxy Server and Mobile Proxy Client.

    Ruby 1.9VM

    The Ruby 1.9 VM is a Ruby scripting language which can provide access to functionalities of the Symbian OS.

    Availability: Please visit the Symbian Developers Network. Terms of use are also specified there.
    Read more about how to build, use and extend the GREDIA Ruby 1.9.1 VM. for Symbian OS.

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